Kohl-Riggs is trying to get on the Colbert Report.

I see that the Kohl-Riggs cult is trying to get the young RINO on the Colbert Report, which might not be such a bad thing after all. It would wake up a lot of Wisconsin Republicans to the fact that they have to vote for Walker on May 8th.

His buddy “Wisco Wherls” wrote a piece over at that liberal echo chamber Daily Kos  – To Stephen Colbert: We need you to moderate the Republican Gubernatorial Debate in Wisconsin

And there’s a change.org petition to get Gov. Scott Walker to debate Kohl-Riggs.  Currently he’s got only 130 signatures on it. 

 His followers are also tweeting a lot and doing facebook updates about it. I can’t imagine Scott Walker would take up this ridiculous challenge, but Kohl-Riggs might get on the show. He’s perfect material for Colbert’s show.





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