Robin Vos calls Arthur Kohl-Riggs a “whack job”. Not sure this is helping.

I see mixed messages in this story about fake candidates in the recall elections. Vos calls Kohl-Riggs a “whack job” and it seems like he is assuming that every Republican will know enough to vote on May 8th. I think it would be better for Republicans to be careful in these interviews and get the message out there that we have to vote for Scott Walker and be at the polls on May 8th.  Too many Republicans are focusing only on June 5. 

 This is from PostCrescent –  

“Falk and Barrett are among four true Democrats who are running along with one fake. But Walker also has a challenger — frequent Capitol protester and Walker opponent Arthur Kohl-Riggs. He has taken to wearing a top hat and claiming he is running as a Republican in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln and progressive Wisconsin Republican Bob La Follette.

Kohl-Riggs, 23, said part of the reason he’s running is to make sure Republicans are forced to vote for Walker instead of messing around in the Democratic primary.

That makes it unlikely there will be widespread crossover voting in that race, Vos said.

“I still think when people see two names on the ballot, they are so supportive of Gov. Walker almost to the point of being all in,” Vos said. “I think they’re going to want to vote for him even knowing this guy’s a whack job.””



2 Comments on “Robin Vos calls Arthur Kohl-Riggs a “whack job”. Not sure this is helping.”

  1. Vos is actually calling Walker a whack job. Read the quote again.

  2. afreewiman says:

    You got me wrong. I mean he wasn’t helping things because here Vos had a chance to make sure people know it’s not just a Democrat primary and get a message out there that it is urgent that the Republicans get out there and vote for Scott Walker so this RINO Kohl-Riggs doesn’t stand a chance. But instead Vos sort of dismisses the RINO as a “whack job”. Vos doesn’t convey a sense of urgency. I think he should’ve. Vos doesn’t think Scott Walker is a “whack job” at all.

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