Wisconsin Democrats are playing this campaign for Governor so bad they’re good

The liberals put up such pathetic candidates for Governor in Wisconsin. Now they have an even more pathetic fake Republican dressed up like he’s Lincoln and it looks like they’re just gaming the system to get their fake in on May 8th when most of the Republicans will be looking the other way.

It’s so stupid it’s smart.

Check out this kind of language at A Possible Answer to Slim Pickin’s? 

“… there are many of us who are less than electrified about any particular Democratic/Independent candidate. I, for one, want to be sure that I am voting for the candidate who will beat Walker in that June recall election. Voting for Kohl-Riggs may just be the solution to our political pickle.”

and this

“None of these people have the excitability we need to get people to the polls and vote out this devastating Governor.”

So a 23-year-old professional protester from Madistan could actually get enough votes on May 8th because he wears a cute stovepipe hat and then Scott Walker would be voted out.

It doesn’t seem possible but then again who could’ve predicted the hippy occupation of the Capitol building. Kohl-Riggs was right in there with them.

A Possible Answer to Slim Pickin’s? Vote Kohl-Riggs for Governor 
Fake candidates are filling up the ballots. Perhaps one of them can unseat Walker before the June recall election even arrives.


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