Kohl-Riggs is trying to get on the Colbert Report.

I see that the Kohl-Riggs cult is trying to get the young RINO on the Colbert Report, which might not be such a bad thing after all. It would wake up a lot of Wisconsin Republicans to the fact that they have to vote for Walker on May 8th.

His buddy “Wisco Wherls” wrote a piece over at that liberal echo chamber Daily Kos  – To Stephen Colbert: We need you to moderate the Republican Gubernatorial Debate in Wisconsin

And there’s a change.org petition to get Gov. Scott Walker to debate Kohl-Riggs.  Currently he’s got only 130 signatures on it. 

 His followers are also tweeting a lot and doing facebook updates about it. I can’t imagine Scott Walker would take up this ridiculous challenge, but Kohl-Riggs might get on the show. He’s perfect material for Colbert’s show.





Wisconsin recall primaries unusual in more ways than one

I started this blog to remind me to keep an eye on the RINO Kohl-Riggs but he isn’t the only thing to keep an eye on.

Republicans and Democrats can cross the party line for each candidate in this primary and that’s unusual. This info came from the G.A.B. facebook page:

“Crossing Party Lines – In the May 8, 2012 recall primary election, voters may cross parties, but they may still only vote once per office because each recall primary is a separate election event. For example, in the primary for Governor, you may only vote for one person, either a Republican or a Democratic candidate. If you vote for both a Republican and a Democrat for the office of Governor your ballot will be rejected. Municipalities that tabulate votes using electronic voting equipment will be programmed to notify voters of this error and provide the opportunity for correction. There are only Democratic primaries for Lt. Governor and State Senate.”

I did some non-scientific tooling around the net to see if people are talking about crossing over to the Dem side at all and what they will do. I’ve been seeing some people mention they will vote for Kathleen Falk because she’s seen as a weaker union-controlled candidate. I’ve seen some comments about writing in “Scott Walker” on the Democrat ticket. Looks like some people think they can vote for both Scott Walker AND Kathleen Falk. Nobody seems to be talking about Gladys Huber except for the liberals. She is the placeholder candidate on the Democratic ticket. A LOT of people think it’s just a Democrat primary because the press was calling it that for such a long time.

Glad I’m not the only one worrying about these things and the word is starting to get out there online that this is a GOP primary, too. Amy L. Geiger-Hemmer over at “It’s Hemmer Time” wrote about the situation .She says that the mainstream media still isn’t mentioning the Republican primary.

I’ve listed the Democrat and the Republican candidates for governor below. By the way, Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch isn’t in a primary because she doesn’t have a Republican challenger.

Remember: May 8th.

Governor – Democratic Party:
Tom Barrett
Kathleen Falk
Kathleen Vinehout
Doug La Follette
Gladys Huber (placeholder candidate)

Republican Party:
Scott Walker
Arthur Kohl-Riggs (fake)

Hari Trivedi

Robin Vos calls Arthur Kohl-Riggs a “whack job”. Not sure this is helping.

I see mixed messages in this story about fake candidates in the recall elections. Vos calls Kohl-Riggs a “whack job” and it seems like he is assuming that every Republican will know enough to vote on May 8th. I think it would be better for Republicans to be careful in these interviews and get the message out there that we have to vote for Scott Walker and be at the polls on May 8th.  Too many Republicans are focusing only on June 5. 

 This is from PostCrescent –  

“Falk and Barrett are among four true Democrats who are running along with one fake. But Walker also has a challenger — frequent Capitol protester and Walker opponent Arthur Kohl-Riggs. He has taken to wearing a top hat and claiming he is running as a Republican in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln and progressive Wisconsin Republican Bob La Follette.

Kohl-Riggs, 23, said part of the reason he’s running is to make sure Republicans are forced to vote for Walker instead of messing around in the Democratic primary.

That makes it unlikely there will be widespread crossover voting in that race, Vos said.

“I still think when people see two names on the ballot, they are so supportive of Gov. Walker almost to the point of being all in,” Vos said. “I think they’re going to want to vote for him even knowing this guy’s a whack job.””


Arthur Kohl-Riggs is a “liberal critic”

From the JSOnline: “Arthur Kohl-Riggs of Madison, a liberal critic who has demonstrated and blogged against the governor, is running as a Republican. Kohl-Riggs has said on his website that his candidacy would help ensure that Republicans vote in the GOP primary for governor rather than crossing over to vote as spoilers in the Democratic primary.”

How is a liberal critic a Republican??? 

Wisconsin Democrats are playing this campaign for Governor so bad they’re good

The liberals put up such pathetic candidates for Governor in Wisconsin. Now they have an even more pathetic fake Republican dressed up like he’s Lincoln and it looks like they’re just gaming the system to get their fake in on May 8th when most of the Republicans will be looking the other way.

It’s so stupid it’s smart.

Check out this kind of language at A Possible Answer to Slim Pickin’s? 

“… there are many of us who are less than electrified about any particular Democratic/Independent candidate. I, for one, want to be sure that I am voting for the candidate who will beat Walker in that June recall election. Voting for Kohl-Riggs may just be the solution to our political pickle.”

and this

“None of these people have the excitability we need to get people to the polls and vote out this devastating Governor.”

So a 23-year-old professional protester from Madistan could actually get enough votes on May 8th because he wears a cute stovepipe hat and then Scott Walker would be voted out.

It doesn’t seem possible but then again who could’ve predicted the hippy occupation of the Capitol building. Kohl-Riggs was right in there with them.

A Possible Answer to Slim Pickin’s? Vote Kohl-Riggs for Governor 
Fake candidates are filling up the ballots. Perhaps one of them can unseat Walker before the June recall election even arrives.